Sale 3-room, Cyril and Methodius str.

122,000 $ |


The apartment is located in the artistic and cultural district of Lviv – on the Cyril and Methodius street, named in 1993 in honor of the creators of the Slavic alphabet of the IX century. Austrian House, 3/3, brick.
 The total area of ​​the apartment is 121.6 sq.m. (rooms 18.5sq.m. / 34.4sq.m. / 24.7sq.m.) Kitchen -18.4sq.m. + large spacious corridor. All rooms are isolated. Large kitchen with balcony. Toilets and bathrooms are isolated. The apartment is in an average residential condition. Independent heating, cast-iron battery, parquet in good condition. The windows and doors are original, vintage, subject to restoration. Nice clean entrance, wide staircase. The apartment is light and spacious, it is possible to attach an attic.
Cost – 130 000 USD


вулиця Кирила і Мефодія, Львів