Sale of the mansion “Three Brothers”, Hrebeniv

350,000 $ |


The family mansion “Three brothers” in the Hrebeniv village, Skolivsky district, Lviv region, located on the route to the famous ski resorts Slavske, Plai, Tysovets, Vysoky top, has been operating on the market since 2004.
The farmstead is focused on family rest, but at the same time its infrastructure and number fund allow to accept corporate orders: organization of conferences, receptions, servicing of excursion groups, in addition the farmstead has already a considerable experience in servicing corporate clients.

The recreation complex includes a cottage, a kolyba, summer houses and a covered room for weddings and religious ceremonial celebrations in the summer or autumn to 100 people.
The cottage consists of 18 rooms of the category “junior suite”. The cottage can accommodate up to 50 people
Kolyba consists of 6 rooms. Kolyba can accept 12 people
Summer houses
In 2017 a new two-storey building for 4 rooms was built and it can accommodates 11 people.
Infrastructure of the complex:
● Cafe-restaurant
● Conference hall
● Children’s room
● Children’s playground
● Spa: sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pool
● Furnished terrace and gazebos
● Parking for a car guarded
● The territory is fenced with a fence on three sides, with the fourth – a mountain river.

During the season, the mansion has the opportunity to automatically fill its room fund thanks to the already developed base of regular customers.
During the off-season, the mansion is used for the most part for corporate events by clients (presentations, seminars, conferences, etc.).
Thanks to the ski season, which is statistically active in Slavske, from the end of November to the middle of March, staying in Slavske and surrounding areas is gaining popularity. “Three brothers” in the winter can offer a quiet rest, provided with remoteness from the city, and for the convenience of holidaymakers – a shuttle to the nearest ski lifts.

The presence of mineral springs in Hrebeniv (Rodonov, Skolivska Naftusya, Maria), proximity to the natural and historical monuments of Skolevshchyna (waterfalls Kamenka and Gurkalovo, Lake Cranes, cliffs in Urych) make the summer rest in the “Three Brothers” relevant.

So today, in comparison with its closest competitors, the mansion can offer a competitive price, a good level of service, and an infrastructure that allows for a fairly wide range of customers.
The Three Brothers Lodge is already posted on many tourist and recreational Internet platforms, is actively advertised and has its own website, where the information is constantly updated and relevant.

Today, the mansion “Three Brothers” is an active business, with a payback period of 4 years.
Cost of the estate – 350,000

It is also worth noting that the mansion “Three Brothers” is located on the site of the former priest sanatorium “Zelemin”. Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky and other spiritual persons visited the Sanlive villa “Zelemin” several times to treat and conduct spiritual retreats. The first retreats were in September 1931 and 1933.
Priest sanatorium “Zelemin” by the end of 1933 numbering 780 members, in the archdiocese of 900 priests. Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyy loved to rest on Zelemianets.


с. Гребенів, Львівська область