Lease of a basement, Kryva Lypa passage

6,000 грн / міс. |


Lease of a basement, Kryva Lypa passage

The total area – 48.3 sq.m., of which the useful area is 31 sq.m., is divided into 2 halls with the areas of 14.3 and 16.7 sq.m.
Height of ceilings – 2,8 m ..
There is also an additional room of 17.3 square meters., with a ceiling height of 1.5 m., which can be used as a lounge, kitchen or pantry.
The room has full-sized large windows. The front entrance is in the courtyard, which has two entrances – through the office center at Kryva Lipa and the open courtyard from the street Hnatyuk. The windows overlook the courtyard.
Repairs to the client for lease.
Rental price – 6000 UAH. / month.


проїзд Крива Липа, Львів