Продаж 3-кім. квартири, вул. Драгана

56,000 $ |


3-room apartment for sale, Draganf street, 6/6 floor, brick.
The total area of 110 square meters (housing – 62, kitchen – 13, san. – 3) – two-level apartment. The building is approximately 1995, without a lift (purchased in ACMB under the LTD). The first owner. Individual heating (gas boiler), plastic windows. 2 rooms on the 1 st split drywall. a partition. Insulated balcony, with stairs to the 2nd floor (0th cycle). Place under the big room, the second room may be in the 4th room (study, a leading bathroom, etc.) and a dressing room. There is an officer. permission for superstructure, drainage access. Heating can be done.

56 000 USD


вулиця Драгана, Львів